Support your college program

Listed below are several recommended ways to access our support in bringing Silent Witness to your campus: Review the Silent Witness website for our history, results projects and strategy for working to eliminate domestic murders.

Sign up to receive our e-mail newsletter at We maintain a powerful and active on-line network that keeps you updated on the latest Silent Witness happenings in each state, at various colleges and around the world.

Consider using the numerous tips and proven ideas provided when implementing Silent Witness at your school.

Contact state coordinators listed on the site to help you connect with the exhibit in your area.

Check out our on-line product listing. Items available in this part of the site can provide more detailed information about Silent Witness, as well as offers other goods to enhance your project. Products include t-shirts, pins, books, miniature figures, etc.

The college program coordinators are Monica Blaizgis of New York City and Melanie Martin of Rhode Island. They serve as advisors to provide information and support to help get your program up and running. Both have coordinated successful college exhibits in the past.

You can contact them at:

Monica Blaizgis, College Coordinator, or
(212) 879-0515

Melanie Martin, College Coordinator, or (401) 792-1007

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