Coincident? or Divine Intervention ?

I met Janet Hagberg, a grassroots member of Silent witness and Shelia’s shawls / Paul’s scarves.Paul Wellstone was the Mn Senator before the Plane crash andHe and his wife were very active in Silent Witness and ending
domestic violence. Anyway~ several years ago I became aware
of the Shelia’s shawls program and I knit up several shawls and
sent them off to Janet. I received my thank you note from Janet
and then really didn’t think much more about it. Other things to
do, you know. Well. Now at least 3 years later, I volunteered to be
a state rep for Shelia’s shawls and Paul’s scarves. I picked up
the yarn and shawls/ scarves from Janet and several other
pieces of material to enable me to do my job effectively. I got
home and started sorting things into more permanent locations.
I got to the bottom of the shawl box and there was a little card
with the name Renee Falkum- Youngberg / Mike Youngberg on
it, with a safety pin attached. It was not pinned to anything nor
was it there for any apparent reason. I called Janet to ask her a
couple questions. She shared with me that she wrote the name
of the shawl knitter on a card and attached it with a safety pin to
the shawls as they came in. I believe they were removed before
the shawl was given to the recipient. The divine intervention
moment is that the name on the card is my full name and my
husbands name. The only card that got saved other than shawls
that are to be distributed yet is the one with my name on it. It is
as if I was meant to do this job and the card was just waiting for
me after I knit the shawls for the program so many years before.
What an awesome world we live in. I thought I would share this
with you

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