Groups connecting and cooperating

Here is a story of a tragedy turned into a blessing.

Dear Sherry,

One of our State Coordinators received the forwarded email about “Carrie’s birthday;” and I thought it would be great to contact you to let you know (if you don’t already) about Sheila’s Shawls, Paul’s Scarves and the work we do.

Sherry responded with:

I thank you for thinking of us here in Tulsa as we move forward with our FACES organization that will bring education and awareness to communities about the impact of violence on people, families and home, workplaces, and communities.
I would love for Carrie’s mother, to receive a shawl and for Carrie’s dad, to receive an article representing support knowing it will help them to know that others will always remember Carrie. Carrie’s friends and I are moving forward with our FACES initiative . We want to show support to Carrie’s family and their families across the US. What is the process for requesting shawls for Carrie’s parents?

What can I and FACES do to help Silent Witness and Sheila’s Shawls? Can we help make shawls and scarves or quilts for kids?
I’m very touched by the Sheila’s Shawls project. I can truly say that although I appreciated it just to know about it, I now can appreciate it from my heart for Carrie and her family. And it never, ever occurred to me that I would ever know someone who would be a recipient of a Silent Witness shawl. Sherry

For over two years now Sherry, Faces and RSVP has made hundreds of shawls and scarves reaching out to families that have been touched by domestic violence.



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