The Sheila’s Shawls and Paul’s Scarve Project

Sheila’s Shawls logo Silent Witness honors the lives of Sheila and Paul Wellstone and the great work they did in domestic violence awareness and prevention (before they and one of their daughters were killed in a plane crash in 2002). We do this very simply — and we invite you to join us — by creating and gifting healing shawls and scarves to family and friends of those who have been touched by domestic violence.
We welcome shawls and scarves created with healing thoughts and kind intentions, whether they be knitted, crocheted, hand-sewn or woven. The idea and intent is to let healing energies and good will flow from your heart through your hands into what you create, so those who receive one of Sheila’s Shawls or Paul’s Scarves will feel the comfort of kindness and concern.
The real purpose for us in creating healing shawls or scarves is to weave energies of hope and love into every stitch. Being mindful and reflective while we work on a scarf or a shawl allows us time to add in positive thoughts, prayers, or affirmations. Some of us choose to chant, hum, sing — or simply sit quietly — while we weave, sew, knit or crochet.
Whatever your tradition or heart suggests, let this be a peaceful experience and process for you, as it will be for those who receive the shawl or scarf that you have created. These two projects make their ways out into the world, under the auspices of Silent Witness, embracing and enriching the hearts of many in touching and unexpected ways.
We warmly welcome you to join with us in this wonderful work, as we each volunteer however much time, energy and heartfelt effort we can as best we can, while we create, collect, connect with others, and share Sheila’s Shawls and Paul’s Scarves with those who can benefit from them.
May all domestic violence end — and may there be domestic peace.


Renee Youngberg

National and Minnesota State Coordinator

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