Hope Blossoms In Tulsa, Oklahoma

We’ve begun crocheting what I’m calling Hope Blossoms to be worn on a lapel and/or held in a survivor’s hand at hospital emergency rooms or in a courtroom when having to testify.  I’m really liking the Blossoms because we can make so many so very quickly and reach more people in need of healing and hope.

Sherry the Oklahoma coordinator explains: I began a new project, Hope Blossoms, a few months ago as an extension of my Sheila’s Shawls project participation and through our new Oklahoma non-profit f.a.c.e.s. – Families & Communities Empowered for Safety. Volunteers and I were trying to reach as many victims and survivors as possible. Blossoms take about an hour to make, we can easily carry our projects with us, and I can make 12 Blossoms in the
time it takes to create one shawl.

It was suggested to me by the Director of the Oklahoma State
Coalition Against DV and SA that we make the Blossoms of soft yarns
and colors and I do so. I made some of the boiled wool Blossoms but
in a soft pink with soft green leaves. And I really enjoy using soft
colorful variegated yarn to make the Blossoms and then edge them in
cotton to make a frilly cotton edge. I make double and triple Blossom
stacks, join them, and then when they’re edged in a contrasting
color, they are lovely and substantial enough to weather lots of
holding on witness stands where having something to hold onto is
important. Or I use ribbon yarn to make the Blossom and then edge it
in the cotton thread.

Also, a local forensic nurse advocate wants to see the Blossoms in
hospital emergency rooms to be given to IPV and rape victims being

One thought on “Hope Blossoms In Tulsa, Oklahoma

  1. Janey June 6, 2008 at 2:46 am Reply

    Is the pattern for the Hope Blossoms available anywhere?
    I am trying to find an easily done (meaning quickly done) pattern for use when visiting transition houses.
    My crocheting is not as up-to-snuff as my knitting, but I am willing to try.

    Thanks in advance,

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