Idaho coordinator helps program in Northwestern Minnesota

This past Saturday we had a very nice program at the Evansville Arts
Center in Evansville, Minnesota. Renee attended and spoke about the
Sheila’s Shawls Program. An employee of Someplace Safe, the group of
shelter homes in this area, and a board member of Someplace Safe also
attended. Yarn was donated by a nearby yarn shop and by area crafts
people and several people took yarn for knitting shawls. At least two
of the knitters in attendance are mothers of young women who have been
in an abusive relationship; it was a therapeutic session for them. At
least four of us who attended have already finished shawls to be
donated and we have one young lady who will soon be learning to knit.
I will be doing a similar program in at least one, and likely two or
three other venues, while I am here in Minnesota.

Several people who attended on Saturday were personal friends of Paul
and Sheila Wellstone. Although we had a fairly small turnout, it was a
very worthwhile day.

Thanks to all of you for your efforts to assist victims of domestic
Myrna A.I. Stahman

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