Message from a parent and shawl recipent

About 7 years ago my daughter was a victim of her then
husband’s drunken rages. Through the abuse he took my
daughters self worth and honor. She will never be the same. She
lies and mistrusts anyone and everyone and is constantly on the
run. Other people judge her and think she should be over this by
now. Range Women’s Advocacy helped hide her and the baby.
What you are doing for these women and children is such a
morale booster for the women (sometimes girls). There is so
much domestic violence up here in Northern Minnesota. The men
get so depressed because of the lay offs and they start to drink
and use drugs and the women pay.

How can I begin to put into words what the shawls have meant
to my daughter and myself. They couldn’t have come at a better
time. My daughter has just moved again. She has nightmares
and is constantly looking over her shoulder.
My daughter cried with happiness and sadness when she got
her shawl. Happiness because someone really cared about her.
“But Mom, these people don’t even know about me or what my
ex-husband did. They can’t give names away at the shelter.”
Sadness because she does not feel that she should have
something so nice for herself. For Me, I wrap it around me when
my Fibromyalsia is bad. Just gives me a calming effect. If you know who made these beautiful shawls please thank them dearly. I have
so many bad memories that need to be buried. We love our
shawls dearly. My daughter uses hers to comfort herself. She
still has scars on her legs from the abuse. How did you know my
favorite color is green and my eyes are green? Must have been
one of the angels from above that sent that message.

We decided to go to the Wellstone memorial tomorrow. We will
both make sure the shawls touch the stone. We live only 7 miles
from the memorial. Your timing is impeccable. I wish I could say
thank you enough. My daughter does not have a computer so
this thank you is from the both of us.

When I am feeling better I would like to make a shawl or two for
this Blessed organization. Thank you and your wonderful

The Mother of a Domestic Violence Victim (survivor).

One thought on “Message from a parent and shawl recipent

  1. silentwitness September 26, 2007 at 6:30 pm Reply

    Thank you for this heartfelt message about your daughter and the affect abuse has had upon her sense of peace and safety. The shawl is meant to bring comfort and restore faith in a belief about our community of support that is actively working to change the laws and help perpetrators and victims heal.

    We are here to get the message out and do the work that is required to stop the cycle of abuse and help people find mutual respect and mutual safety in relationships without violence.

    We send our healing love to your daughter and your family!

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