Program results in Alexandria, Minnesota

Yesterday was the Fiber Day at the Evansville Arts Center.  We had a small, but wonderful, turnout.
Dayle, from Wisconsin, came and brought with her six wonderful shawls for Someplace Save in Alexandria, MN.  They are all beautifully done, with nice acrylics that are soft and cuddly.  These shawls will definitely add some sunshine to the lives of six victims of domestic violence.
Someday this week I will be taking a total of 14 shawls to Someplace Safe in Alexandria — the six shawls Dayle knit, plus shawls knit by my sisters and me.
I bought nice gift bags and tissue paper from the Dollar Store.  Amazingly, many of the pretty gift bags are color coordinated with the shawls.  If Someplace Safe lets the recipient choose the bag she likely will get a shawl that is a color she likes.  The shawls are all in gift bags and ready to load into my vehicle as soon as I have time to drive the 30 miles to Alexandria this week.  Little did I know two months ago when I bought the fourteen gift bags that I would have fourteen shawls in put in them!
I received a call from Judy, the owner of Gallery of Dreams, the yarn shop in Alexandria.  Several weeks ago I taught a shawl class to seven women.  Each woman agreed to knit a shawl for Someplace Safe.  Two of the shawls are completed.  And, exciting for me is that Judy and several of the other women who took the class and had never knit lace before are really excited about lace knitting.  The class made them realize that lace knitting can be done with any size yarn and needles — even bulky yarn with size 13 needles.
Thanks to all of you for participating in The Sheila’s Shawls and Paul’s Scarves program.

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