Projects for shelter expand to University of Minnesota- Morris

Two weeks ago I took 14 shawls to Someplace Safe in Alexandria.  Yesterday I attended the Douglas County Fair in Alexandria where Someplace Safe had a booth.  I stopped to visit with the individual working in the booth.  When she asked me if I knew about Someplace Safe I told her I had delivered hand knit shawls there.  She was so excited; she wanted to tell me of one contact she had after the shawls were delivered.

She was working with an individual who, for this story I will call Jane, needed lots of help.  At one point in their contact she asked Jane if she would like a hand knit shawl.  Jane’s eyes lit up as she eagerly said she would.  What asked what color shawl she would prefer, she responded “brown.”  They looked at the shawls and when they came upon a deep green rectangular shawl with some brown flecks in it Jane immediately said that was the one she would like.  The counselor gave the shawl to Jane, and Jane immediately wrapped it around her, despite the fact it was a rather warm day.  During the remainder of their visit, which lasted another 15 minute or so, Jane remained wrapped in the shawl, absolutely loving it.

I know that green shawl is one of the six shawls that Dayle brought to Evansville several weeks ago when we had our fiber day there.  Thank you so much, Dayle, for your contribution.

I know there are dozens and dozens of other stories similar to this.  The recipients of the shawls we knit are thrilled to receive them.  As others have often said, a hand knit shawl is a knitted hug.  Keep up your knitting, for it is much appreciated.

I also ran into one of the board members for Someplace Safe, who is ever so appreciative of our efforts.  I’m thrilled that she is learning to knit, so she, too, can knit shawls to donate to Someplace Safe.

With much appreciation for all your efforts,

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