Ways to reach families touched by domestic violence

Leslie wrote, “I’m also a bit frustrated about getting shawls & scarves to people–I can give them to the women in transitional housing as they leave abusive situations, but we’ve actually had 3 local DV deaths recently & I’m stymied with getting things to
the families.”

I suggest you contact the victim/witness coordinator in your local prosecuting attorney’s (some states call this the district attorney).  Today I believe that almost every prosecutor’s office has someone who works with victims of crimes.  I worked with victim/witness coordinators for years here in Idaho and found them all to be very knowledgeable and helpful.

While in Minnesota I delivered shawls to Someplace Safe, a nonprofit organization that works with victims of domestic violence.  They were very, very appreciative of the shawls.  Here in Boise, Idaho I work with the Women’s and Children’s Alliance which provides shelter to victims of domestic violence.  I deal directly with the director, and she also has been very grateful for the shawls.  I have  more shawls to deliver, and hopefully will get them delivered within the next two weeks.  I am teaching classes in the Portland area this weekend and in Colorado Springs next weekend, so am keeping very busy!

I have knit two shawls and one afghan that I will be sending to an individual in Minnesota to give to the children of his cousin who was murdered by her boyfriend.

Thanks to all who are participating in this program,

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