Additional insight into Getting Shawls to Victims of Domestic Violence

Here is some insight from a person who has received services from a shelter and then given to a shelter after her recovey. Lisa writes:

After making my own escape, I went to work, as an advocate, for the
agency that helped me change my life. I have to tell you that there
can be a huge difference in attitude from one agency to another.
Where I live now, our shelter will accept nothing that is not brand
new. They only accept handmade items, for their Holiday drive. They
feel that it is demeaning to expect their clients to “accept less”. On
the other hand, the agency that helped me, finds handmade items to be
“warm, & wonderful” & a reminder to their ladies that there are people
out there who care what happens to them and their children.

Obviously, I agree with the latter. However, they are both doing what
they feel is best in order to help woman who desperately need their
help. For myself, I donate all of my handmade items to my old agency
and what I can in terms of “new” stuff to my local shelter.

These days, I teach knitting at my local Michaels. At my supervisor’s
request, I host a monthly charity knitting group. For that group, I am
currently working on a shawl for Sheila’s Shawls. This cause is near
and dear to my heart and I feel privileged to be a part of it.

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