Still doing the work…

ImageI was going through old photos the other day and came across an entire folder of photos I’ve taken over the past 15 years that I’ve been working with the Silent Witness project.  Fifteen years.

So many silent vigils, so many marches through the streets, so many sessions sitting with parents and holding their hands, so many interviews with television stations.  When does it all end?

I know that many people who’ve been involved with the Silent Witness project in their communities have come and gone, sharing their time and energy and creating programs and events to honor the women, men and children in their towns that have been murdered in acts of domestic violence.  So much time and effort are put into bringing awareness about our Witnesses stories and working to end the violence.  Time, money, energy, patience, tears, healing….

And still, the reason I have stayed connected with the project, is because I know for those families and friends of our Witnesses, it never ends.  It changes, it shifts, it moves…but it never ends.

As a survivor of domestic violence, I have found that working with the Silent Witness Initiative has been the most healing work I’ve ever done.  Having the opportunity to share time with my community and continuing to work to end the violence has allowed me to heal many of my own wounds, and I hope that along the way I’ve been able to help others in their journeys.

Someday I hope to never have to make another red silhouette.  But I know until that day, I’ll continue to sit in the pews of churches, on couches in living rooms, at conference tables in libraries….and hold the hands of my Witness’s families, feed them tissue as they tell me their stories, and share their grief…and their healing.

It’s why I’m still here after 15 years…

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One thought on “Still doing the work…

  1. Jacqueline Skog March 4, 2013 at 8:20 am Reply

    Nancy, Thank you for being the voice and compassionate presence for SW in RI! The public awareness is vital to ending the cycle of violence and guiding our culture to peaceful and safe relationships! The pictures provide a living testimony to the on-going need to lead the way to promoting the mission and vision of ending dv murders! Best wishes for continued success in all you’re doing! Jacquie

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