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Stop the Hurt

Please check out this short video about the RI Silent Witnesses and the University of Rhode Island’s Peer Advocacy Center working together to remember victims of domestic violence.  The statewide march on October 18th each year in Providence brings together all 8 Silent Witness projects around Rhode Island – 104 Silent Witness figures that tell the stories of the women, men + children that have been murdered in Rhode Island over the past 25 years.  A powerful night of remembrance.

How to bring Silent Witness to your Campus

There are several ways to bring the Silent Witness project to your college community. Any concerned club, organization, sorority, fraternity, women’s group, class or cohort of interested students can spearhead efforts to have your campus participate.

You can make your own figures, order pre-made witnesses (see more information on figures in the “Resources” section of the site) or borrow those that exist within the exhibit in your city or state. Your program can be as simple as displaying the figures for a day in your student center or as involved as holding a daylong conference about domestic violence that includes speakers and workshops.

It is effective to tie the Silent Witnesses into events on your campus such as October as Domestic Violence Awareness Month, March as Women’s History Month, a Take Back the Night March or any other appropriate event. You might also consider partnering with other organizations, on or off campus, to help in your coordination activities. There are many wonderful women’s centers, women’s studies departments, and local women’s organizations that could be ideal co-sponsors for this type of program. By using a partnership strategy, you can benefit from their existing expertise while expanding the reach of Silent Witness and its mission.

Campus Events

News about events on campuses across the country.   Many photos could be added.